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Luxurious Linen for the intentional home

Flou Textile & Design offers a thoughtfully crafted selection of premium quality 100% linen textile homewares designed in Melbourne, Australia. Underpinned by a philosophy of intentional living, each heirloom-quality, ethically-made piece is designed to elevate your home. Our range of products deliver a design style that is minimalist yet aesthetically striking and are produced through sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Explore our collections to curate your elevated home.

Pure Linen


Linen is the ultimate, low maintenance textile. It possesses a winning combination of durability and pleasing aesthetics, all while being environmentally friendly.

At Flou Textile & Design, a large range of our products are fashioned from pure linen. We have sourced high quality linen, originating from France and Belgium, to create the ultimate, 100% linen home textiles. Quality and timeless pieces, created to be beautiful and made to last.