Flou is Melbourne-based home label creating heirloom-quality home essentials to elevate any space.  Our approach to design is anchored in the beauty of timeless classics with an added edge of contemporary design. Our bespoke collections feature a range of linen tablecloths, napery, and home décor; where timeless aesthetics and functionality intersect.

Flou expanded into bespoke event hire in early 2023 which leverages on Flou’s large curated range and encourages a circular and sustainable yet beautiful world.

A mindful and considered stance underpins Flou’s position to design, materials, craftsmanship and operations.

Meet the woman behind the label

Founded in 2022 by Rebecca G, a busy mum of two, Flou was inspired by her love for entertaining and a passionate belief in making home a warm, beautiful haven for the people we love. From long, joyous dinners with friends, to busy morning breakfasts with family, Rebecca believes in cherishing each and every moment we have.

“My hope is that our carefully curated products will elevate your home, giving it an impressively effortless feel in a way that is enjoyable and simple for you to achieve!” 

x Rebecca 

Conscious Quality Standards

Flou’s complete linen range is notably Standard 100 OEKO-TEX certified.

Standard 100 certification is a global standard to ensure manufacturers are operating to a high standard and the products they produce do not contain harmful substances that are common to textile manufacturing.

At Flou, we are committed to creating and promoting ethical and sustainable practices. Manufacturing partners are selected based on their ethical practices and their certifications, and our collections and product wrapping are sourced based on their environmental and social impact. We strive to be thoughtful and considerate to our community and environment, and we are continuously looking for ways to improve our practices.


At Flou, a large range of our products are fashioned from pure linen. We have sourced high-quality linen from France and Belgium to create the ultimate 100% linen home textiles. Quality and timeless pieces, designed to be beautiful and made to last. 

Linen is a textile made from fibres of the flax plant. It is a naturally biodegradable textile, and its growing and cultivation process is environmentally friendly and sustainable.  Linen has hypoallergenic properties and is highly durable, growing softer and superior with each wash.  The durability and longevity of linen allows for product reuse and encourages slow and thoughtful living