The art of entertaining- Our top tips to throwing a successful party

Entertaining season begins in as the weather warms, days lengthening, and holiday season approaches. We have compiled our best tips and tricks to take your entertaining up a notch while becoming more effortless at the same time. Working smarter is our mantra.


By taking the table outdoors, we celebrate the season and exploit the beauty and grounding properties that nature has to offer. Outdoors, where the sky is the limit


As seasoned entertainers, we firmly believe in the notion that presentation is key. Food tastes better and ambiance is superior when the table is set for success and aesthetics are beautiful and inviting.

We suggest investing in key table pieces that instantly upgrade the dining experience for you and your loved ones. Linen table napkins and tablecloths, glassware and dishes are a great starting point as they are timeless and foundational pieces. Invest in functional key pieces and pull them out at every occasion for an instantly luxe table! 


Personalise to create a bespoke and meaningful table for your guests.  Place cards and menu cards are an effective way to create that personal touch. Download our FREE menu and name card templates to add that unique touch to your table.We recommend printing them on a thicker card for a luxe feel and secure placement.


Light up quality scented candles before your guests arrive to create an additional layer of ambience. We love the Jo Malone scented candle range. Our favourites are the English Pear and Freesia and the Wood Sage and Sea Salt scents. Sophisticated and understated as Jo Malone products tend to be.

Jo Malone Scented Candle on linen tableware

We love florals; however they are pricey, especially when the table being styled is large and requires a large amount of flowers. The benefit of investing in staple tablewear, is that the tablewear itself does the heavyweight role of tablescaping, and expensive florals are not a necessity to get a table looking beautiful.

If you are keen on flowers, a great way to score florals at a budget friendly price is by asking your local florist for the marked down florals that they have oversupply of. Another great and popular option is foraging in your garden; a free way to get some greenery on your table.

Summer table styling

While food is a central part of entertaining, we suggest not overcomplicating the menu.  It is difficult to entertain and cook at the same time. Prepare the majority of the food in advance so you can spend time with your guests and enjoy the magic of the moment.  Think of crowd pleasers that can be served at room temperature; they are your saving grace and the kind of dishes to serve.

We also suggest serving food on platters in the centre of the table. It encourages more interaction at the table and less food wastage. Winning from every angle!

We love serving our roasted cauliflower salad with parsley tahini as well as our popular green bean and dill salad. They can be prepared in advance and taste even better when the flavours have been sitting overnight. Another crowd pleaser is our garlic tomato confit. It requires minimal preparation and can be pulled out the oven as the guests arrive. Serve with store bought hummus and crispy sourdough bread for a delicious entrée.

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